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Axie Infinity has taken the world by storm.

Its cute critters and clever economic gameplay have made it possible for players to earn a living while remaining safely at home in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

The world needs more games like this.

At Enjin, our goal is to enable developers to build the virtual worlds of tomorrow. Games that offer players real value that can change not only their lives, but also the lives of those around them.

The concept of user-generated value—where people can own their content, monetize it autonomously, and share some of their earnings with the platforms that enable their trade—has captured the attention of countless developers and gamers across the world.

These next-generation free markets are powered by smart contracts.

This is the kind of future we envisioned and hoped for back in 2017, and we want this future to be fostered, expedited, and secured on both JumpNet and Efinity.

Expanding JumpNet

The JumpNet Blockchain

We publicly launched JumpNet two months ago with the aim of providing our partners a fast and free blockchain.

In our fast-paced world, we needed fast-paced infrastructure.

And affordable, too.

When Ethereum gas fees exploded due to the DeFi boom, apps that offered free non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were the first to grind to a halt. With the vast majority of our partners building freemium apps and free-to-play games, this affected most companies creating blockchain projects in our ecosystem.

At the time, Ethereum was generating 13 million tons of carbon per year, a number that has more than doubled in the last two months.

With growing concerns around the environmental impact of blockchain technology, JumpNet also enabled everyone to mint and transact NFTs on a network that produced less than 15 tons of carbon per year.

But we took this even a step further, making the JumpNet network carbon-negative.

JumpNet is fast, free, and eco-friendly—now it’s time to make it more flexible, too.

Bring on the smart contracts!

With JumpNet live, the Enjin Coin (ENJ) bridge audited and launched without a hitch, and the full ERC-1155 asset bridge around the corner, we’re expanding our plans for JumpNet.

The world wants smart contracts, and we believe it’s wise to listen.

JumpNet smart contracts will enable economically-minded game and app developers who aspire to build the next Axie Infinity to launch their own ERC-20 tokens, create robust marketplaces, and implement unique minting mechanics.

Deploying smart contracts and creating JumpNet-powered NFT projects will only require a small amount of ENJ to mint with.

In case you need to increase your transaction limits on JumpNet, you can hold a bit Efinity Token (EFI) in your wallet on JumpNet and continue executing transactions for free. For every 100 EFI that you hold on JumpNet (“JEFI”), your limits will be doubled. More information can be found in this guide.

Forest Knight Goes Play-to-Earn

We had the pleasure of welcoming Forest Knight as one of the earliest adopters in the Enjin ecosystem back in 2018, and we’re proud to have done our small part in helping it evolve into one of the best NFT games to date.

Their growing team now has its sights set on creating a next-generation economy that features user-generated value and play-to-earn opportunities—a vision we are thrilled to support.

When smart contracts come to JumpNet, Forest Knight will be one of the first teams to receive early access.

Ether Legends Comes to JumpNet

Long-time Enjin community members know that TCG Ether Legends features some of the most robust on-chain mechanics within the Enjin ecosystem.

The team has built a true play-to-earn game with currencies, staking, and NFT forging managed by smart contracts that are already live on Ethereum.

With the game reaching the later stages of development, the team is beginning to plan their go-to-market strategy and is expanding to JumpNet.

As an early adopter of JumpNet smart contracts, we look forward to helping Ether Legends fulfill their vision of building a new type of value-driven trading card game.

A New Gaming Paradigm

With innovative mechanics, incredible gameplay, and fast, affordable smart contract transactions, we are proud to work with some of the best in the business to push the games market toward a new paradigm.

We believe in a future where players who spend real time playing games are rewarded with real value that can positively impact their lives.

As Forest Knight, Ether Legends, and other developers continue to innovate and push NFT gaming toward the mass market, we look forward to seeing their progress—and we believe JumpNet will bring us all one step closer to our shared vision for the games industry.

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